Tech Partnerships

Hybrid Theory
x Our partnership with Permutive allows us to bridge Hybrid Theory’s core behavioural targeting with unique publisher first-party data, creating meaningful insights to optimise performance-driven advertising strategies and develop campaign strategies that solve broader marketing problems.

Why Permutive?

Permutive is a publisher Data Management Platform built on edge computing. The platform is built from the ground up to not rely on third-party cookies and protect user privacy by processing data on the device and not in the cloud. The Permutive infrastructure enables publishers to unlock the true scale of their audiences and build robust first-party data solutions – something that is essential in digital advertising today.

Our hybrid partnership!

Hybrid Theory’s partnership with Permutive allows them to deliver rich audience insights to its customers and develop a sophisticated targeting and content strategy. Through the collection of first-party data directly from the client’s site, Permutive enables the Hybrid Theory team to build highly accurate specialised behavioural audiences and then target them across the web in real-time.

The close partnership between Hybrid Theory and Permutive has allowed both sides to take their client offering and technology to the next level. By using Permutive, Hybrid Theory have been able to engage client audiences with targeted advertising at scale. At Permutive, we value our collaboration with Hybrid Theory strongly and look forward to what our continued partnership brings to both sides

Joe Root
Co-founder and CEO, Permutive