Tech Partnerships

Hybrid Theory
x Built on the common values of transparency and trust, Adloox and Hybrid Theory work in partnership to ensure industry-leading brand safety, improve traffic quality, and ultimately deliver great campaign performance and ROI for brands and agencies.

Why Adloox?

According to eMarketer, video ad spend is expected to exceed $22 billion by 2021. This exponential growth has created a strong incentive for fraudsters.

Adloox is a European-born buy-side ad verification and insights company with state-of-the-art proprietary technology, developed over the last decade.  Empowering advertisers, agencies and other buy-side partners to optimise the efficiency of their media spend through first-class ad verification and unrivalled granular data, offering transparent actionable insights.

Designed to detect the most sophisticated types of ad fraud, whilst ensuring ads are viewable, impactful and delivered in a brand safe environment.  Customer service is at the heart of the Adloox culture, delivered through our global footprint, with offices in Paris, London and New York.

Our hybrid partnership!

Hybrid Theory has worked with Adloox as their ad verification partner for over 4 years now, offering first to market initiatives and beta products that help jointly improve digital strategy, performance and ROI. Adloox enables impression-level efficiency between the ad-call, rendered impression and true impression, providing visibility into the programmatic ecosystem – from the Publisher to Tag ID.

In combination, our tech and teams work to reduce incidences of ad fraud in the open web – enhancing the detection of fraud by identifying suppliers unwilling to allow measurement tags for GIVT/SIVT. Adloox also provides a layer of brand safety protection through their post-bid contextual blocking, which feeds Hybrid Theory’s pre-bid trading.

Throughout our long-standing partnership, Adloox have provided Hybrid Theory with innovation, actionable insights and proactive recommendations. The Hybrid Theory team have worked with us to realise the value gained by integrating Adloox’s log level data to inform trading decisions, further optimising campaign activity and increasing supply path efficiencies.

Andrew Prophet
Director of Strategic Partnerships