Tech Partnerships - Hybrid Theory

Expert combinations that create unique solutions.

These are just a few of our technology partnerships – bringing together special capabilities and innovation to make our solutions smarter, faster and better for you.


The partnership between Hybrid Theory and 33Across reflects a unique combination of tech and teams that brings scaled global data resources together with our understanding of how to identify and engage audiences throughout their customer journeys.

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Built on the common values of transparency and trust, Adloox and Hybrid Theory work in partnership to ensure industry-leading brand safety, improve traffic quality, and ultimately deliver great campaign performance and ROI for brands and agencies.

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Our partnership with Permutive allows us to bridge Hybrid Theory’s core behavioural targeting with unique publisher first-party data, creating meaningful insights to optimise performance-driven advertising strategies and develop campaign strategies that solve broader marketing problems.

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ShareThis brings powerful behavioural data. Hybrid Theory brings the capabilities to harness and unlock the potential of this to create unique brand and campaign-specific target audiences. Together we make magic happen to solve the business and marketing challenges that you have.

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"Hybrid Theory's capability to combine proprietary custom audiences with the best of 3rd-party auto data has turned them into a consistent top performer for our clients."

Leigh Miller
MD, United Media