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We power smarter, data-driven advertising for brands and agencies. Simple.

Data + Decisions

Hybrid Theory is a new kind of digital services partner, drawing on deep roots in technology and hugely experienced industry talent. We have a new vision for what data can do. We source and ingest it at scale, and use it to create custom and specific audiences, more transparent measurement and extract insights - all in real time. Unlike so many media specialists, we apply data to both your digital media and your brand’s strategic marketing needs. Let our business solve your business problems.

data & decisions

A window on your world

Forge a new real-time understanding of your current and potential consumers, deliver more efficient media and detect market trends through our proprietary data platform. Built from the richest, most accurate inputs available, our data sets offer a real-time window on your audience, with unparalleled reach across 90% of the online population.

Robust products and new audiences

Identify incremental customers and accelerate results with our data-powered audience products. Our unique profiles pick up high-quality intent signals from rich data sets in real time, allowing us to offer you custom audiences, smart retargeting and AI-based lookalike-modelling.

From insight to opportunity

Learn more about how customers engage with your brand through our reporting and measurement solutions. Unlock business opportunities, including optimising to high-value consumers, and refresh your planning strategies with vivid and meaningful data insight that challenges preconceptions and plots new paths.

Smarter marketing

The data that guides your media can do so much more. Bring media-honed data insight to your broader strategic marketing needs. Incorporate behavioural targeting with demographics to power both approaches in tandem. Understand the unique differentiators that make your brand stand out and use the insight to develop more effective audience targeting, relevant creative and constant feedback to your organisation.

Smart Operations

Hybrid Theory is a new company built on established foundations and vast experience, with a mission to simplify the complex. Our hybrid model delivers the operational expertise and creativity you need, whenever and wherever you need them, supported by a deep and genuine understanding of technology. Skilled teams ensure the best results across your digital marketing ecosystem, with full trading, engineering and product support.

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A consultative, hybrid approach

We work collaboratively as adaptable consultants, matching our custom solutions to your programmatic, omnichannel and strategic marketing needs. Our approach bridges the gap between in-housing and outsourcing for brands and agencies. Give us the opportunity to improve your ad ops capabilities, deliver custom training and guidance and help you get the best out of your teams and your trading technology choices.

Assessment and guidance

Our experienced trading and client services teams follow a proven, audience-led media trading methodology to deliver the best possible performance, service and insight. Let our experts drive optimisation and bring live audience insights into your programmatic planning process, powered by proprietary technology and rich data sets.

Powerful engineering

Our custom-built technology stack enables programmatic services across all significant biddable media channels. And our experienced tech teams will also build and deploy products on your behalf to ensure the best fit for your needs.

Agile Activation

Hybrid Theory: our name represents our dedication to forging powerful partnerships through collaboration and combined capabilities. We recognise that every client is different. We develop and deliver custom marketing solutions to keep you at the forefront of your industry. Your needs and goals determine the combination of the tech, talent and partnerships we provide.

agile activation

Holistic understanding

This industry doesn’t stand still. Let us be your guide to a fast-changing world. First, we partner to develop a deep understanding of your priorities and objectives; then we tailor the ideal combination of technology and services to meet and exceed your aims using our partner capabilities.

Flexible alignment

Our role in client partnerships expands and adapts as necessary. The Hybrid Theory business model is built to accommodate a wide range of budgets, performance metrics, commercial models and business goals.

Breadth and scale

Our data offers not only precision but also the scale clients need - across channels, consumer journeys, countries and continents. We activate, we maximise and we reach the consumers you are seeking, in vast numbers.

Deep partnerships

We partner with market-leading companies to ensure their brand is protected in a complicated digital landscape. You benefit from our partnerships in the form of smarter creative delivery, enhanced brand safety, increased media efficiency, high-quality site traffic and precise audience targeting.

"Hybrid Theory is a top performer among our many managed service partners. They have provided impressive performance in both DR and branding campaigns, and the suggestions they bring to us help to evolve the media strategy, creative messaging, and marketing approach for our clients."

Scott Konopasek
Media Director, Noble People