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Data: At
scale and
in detail

We are the market-leading data experts - though there’s a lot more to us than that. Our data sets are the richest and freshest available, with 98% global coverage drawing on 25 billion online events from every corner of the world - a reach comparable to Google.

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Hybrid by

In a business where the old models are showing their age, we are configured to work with our clients in flexible, collaborative, hybrid ways, bridging the gap between in-housing and outsourcing for brands and agencies.

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at our heart

Our custom-built technology stack and dedicated data engineering team put us out ahead of the competition. But so does our commitment to transparency, privacy and the long-term evolution of the business.

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An Open Letter to the Advertising Industry

Complexity and siloes have become the industry standard. Our industry is like a Rubik’s cube: each time one part is moved, it affects numerous others, creating complex new problems in almost infinite combinations. That is where we find ourselves with modern, data-driven marketing.

Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2020

There’s little doubt that Black Friday – and the holiday shopping season in general – are going to be very different this year. The global pandemic has forced retailers to avoid long lines, crowded stores, and hustling shoppers. This means that the 2020 holiday shopping season is going to be especially complicated, as retailers grapple […]

Travel Tracker: October, 2020

Our updated Travel Tracker features key insights for global travel marketers across APAC, EMEA, and North America.

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