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The outlook for CRM in a COVID and post-COVID world

30 November 2020

The outlook for CRM in a COVID and post-COVID world

MarTech Today

By Rodric Bradford

CRMs have been around a long time now — in martech years at least. But they’ve had to withstand some challenges. For some brands and organizations, marketing automation is at the core of the martech stack; for others, a CDP is the single source of truth. This is the first part of our look at the state of CRM in 2020.

Not just data storage

As well as being able to capture information from any part of the customer journey, whether it is a first-time visitor to a social media page or website, or a returning visitor whose behavior and preferences may well have changed in 2020, CRMs are now expected to help solve marketing issues.

“You have to have the ability to not only explain what the CRM does, but also work with your clients to make it perform to fit their needs,” said Patrick Johnson, CEO of Hybrid Theory, a data-driven advertising platform. “A client’s CRM needs to match their data strategy, as well as take into consideration the fact that data in their CRM does not take into consideration how consumers have changed this year.”

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