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EU reveals plans to regulate Big Tech

17 December 2020

EU reveals plans to regulate Big Tech

The EU has proposed an “ambitious reform of the digital space, a comprehensive set of new rules for all digital services, including social media, online marketplaces, and other online platforms that operate in the European Union: the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act”.

Our Chief Product Officer Hiran Patel shares his thoughts in support of the news yesterday, commenting, “It’s a great step forward that shows real intent to usher in new controls to govern the big technology  platforms – who have been far too slow and not acted quickly to moderate harmful and illegal content being generated”.

“Users are provided similar protection and safety with laws in the physical, real world and it’s good to see that this is now being translated into the online digital world – where we’ve all been spending an increasing amount of time in recent years”, he adds.


For years at Hybrid Theory we have been designing our products with focused principles to champion the rights of users and to provide relevant creative messaging, safe placement of ads and content for brands.

Trust and transparency are the cornerstone pillars when Hybrid Theory engages with brands and agencies to deliver successful outcomes through digital online campaigns. Our technology and partnerships allow us to support a healthy ecosystem for users, brands, and publishers. This technology is applied automatically to the review of creative content and messages before a campaign goes live to ensure advertising is moderated and governed safely.

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