Client Partnerships

Tailored ads gain new customers and boost website registrations, resulting in 97% conversion uplift

Western Union partnered with Hybrid Theory in order to magnify their reach among specific nationalities and communities within the UK.

By using their wealth of data to gain insights into Western Union’s audience, Hybrid Theory then generate a lookalike model to target with personalised messages. The tailored ads boosted consumer engagement, spread brand awareness and attracted a wider audience, which resulted in a 97% conversion uplift.

The Challenge
Western Union tasked Hybrid Theory with magnifying their reach among specific nationalities and communities within the UK. Their key objectives were to find new customers and heighten brand awareness in order to boost registrations on their Website. Hybrid Theory were therefore required to find a highly niche audience within the competitive money transfer market, to then reach at scale and action to register on Western Union’s website.

The Solution
Through analysing the browse, search and share data of Western Union’s existing audience, Hybrid Theory were able to provide them with consumer insights to help them better understand and engage with both their existing and prospect customers. Some of the insights gathered showed that: the audience was of a young demographic – between the ages of 18-34; they were interested in urban culture, music and clothing; and the majority of them resided in built-up urban areas such as London and the South East, often in large groups and/or family environments.

These insights were then used to build a lookalike model of Western Union’s audience, which allowed Hybrid Theory to target specific nationalities and communities with personalised messages. Hybrid Theory used real time data to ensure each individual was targeted with the relevant tailored ad, in the right location and at the best conversion times. The well known marketing tactic of Social Proof was used in overlay on top of the original creative, acting as a social trigger to further drive sales and engagement.

The Result
Hybrid Theory tracked the number of Western Union registrations throughout the campaign and found that the use of tailored ads resulted in a 97% conversion uplift when compared to original ads. Having been so impressed by Hybrid Theory’s outstanding level of results, Western Union instantly rebooked with us, increasing the budget by more than 7 times the initial amount.



uplift in a split test with the original creative