Client Partnerships

Hybrid Theory achieves a 17% increase in conversion rate for TUI through prospecting new customers and creating tailored ads to drive sales

TUI wanted to better understand their audience’s online behaviour, whilst also prospecting a new target audience.

They partnered with Hybrid Theory to gain data-driven insights about their audience in order to create tailored ads, based on their intent to travel. The insights allowed for TUI to increase their overall target audience, whilst also driving sales. The personalised ads enabled consumers to receive relevant offers with engaging content based on their displayed interests, which led to an increase in sales and a 17% increase in conversion rate.

The Challenge
TUI, the UK-based travel operator, approached Hybrid Theory to help gather insights into their audience and understand their online behaviours better, thus helping them to match the right product to the right person in real time. They needed help in attracting new prospects at scale, as well as delivering personalised, engaging and relevant communications within their ad creative.

The Solution
As the largest aggregators of browse, share and search data, Hybrid Theory were able to identify an audience who showed interests in travel, holidays, cruises, hotels and villas, last minute flights and currency exchange. They aimed to reach relevant individuals who had shown an intent to travel, and engage with them at the moment they were ready to select their vacation, before they had visited the TUI website. Hybrid Theory needed to identify what was most appealing to individuals and what had the greatest effect on their propensity to buy between destination, hotel details, weather, price, etc. Insights revealed that destination itself was the key factor in engaging individuals who were in-market for travel.

Using the insights gained, Hybrid Theory used their tailored ads, pulling in a variety of engaging imagery of over 90 destinations TUI offered. They used a product feed ad, which included pricing information and a call to action based on the intent signals displayed by the individual. Using real time data, the message was tailored for each individual, showing the specific destination matching their interest, along with a tailored message presenting a live price and link to a specific landing page. Hybrid Theory used a prospecting approach to target new customers for TUI offers, based on the insights previously gathered. And by presenting the relevant information through a personalised ad to each individual in real time, Hybrid Theory aimed to increase consumer engagement as well as drive sales not only across TUI’s existing audience, but also across a much wider audience with an interest and/or intent to travel. To ensure consistency across the campaign, all imagery was automatically captured, cropped and centered dependant on the shape of the banner as well.

The Result
Hybrid Theory used a split test, comparing the performance of TUI’s original creative with the Hybrid Theory’s tailored ads, which were personalised to each individual. When compared to the original creative the tailored ads delivered a substantial uplift measured against 3 metrics: CTR, unique lands and conversion rate. The most notable of which was conversion rate which witnessed a 17% increase.

Additionally, the campaign demonstrated the power of data in dynamic prospecting, as Hybrid Theory were able to find and attract a much wider audience, driving sales and delivering great results for TUI.


increase in conversions with ads tailored to each individual