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Multi-region brand awareness campaign exceeds targets for an international streetwear brand

A popular streetwear brand wanted to increase awareness of their new waterproof clothing and footwear range during the busy holiday shopping period.

Hybrid Theory were challenged to find the primary target audience of young adults interested in street culture and deliver a pre-roll campaign in 5 countries with a high completion rate and view-ability rate.

The Challenge
The brand wanted to reach a relevant audience, across 5 countries, that were interested in street culture, art, music and action sports. The campaign had a quick turnaround time and the brand wanted rapid media optimization in the 16 day campaign period.

The criteria were:

  • Scalability without compromise on media quality
  • Media efficiency demonstrated within the first quarter of the campaign
  • Fast turnaround with late delivery of creative assets
  • 75% pre-roll completion rate
  • 70% viewability rate

The Solution
Fast Set Up

With video assets received across 5 markets 1 day before campaign launch, Hybrid Theory quickly had the campaign live and delivering +1.8 million completed views per day.

Smart Targeting Strategies
Scalability was key, so audience strategies for initial set up were spread across selected publishers and the budget was allocated accordingly:

More budget was focused on finding consumers interested in affinity brands and websites

Specific custom audience strategies were identified from Hybrid Theory’s browse, search and share data e.g. people interested in skating, fashion, musical instruments, concert or festival tickets, and footwear

The budget allocation was continuously adjusted as understanding of the most engaged audiences developed.

Rapid optimization across high quality publishers

Using our granular data, Hybrid Theory identified premium publishers with the most engaged audiences and quickly refined the targeting by the second day of the campaign.

Brand Safe Execution
Hybrid Theory’s trading best practice for brand safety was implemented across all 5 markets and languages to ensure brand safety was never compromised whilst reach and scale remained high.

The Results
Hybrid Theory delivered over 28 Million completed video views in 16 days. All individual country targets were reached and Hybrid Theory achieved a completed view rate of 79% and a viewability average of 70%.


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