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New TV channel premiers by driving engagement and anticipation with key audiences

With the launch of the Discovery Network’s new channel, Quest Red around the corner, Hybrid Theory were tasked with increasing awareness and viewership of the channel and its key titles.

They used their wealth of data to identify which audiences would likely be interested in Quest Red, and then targeted them with the appropriate personalised ads to boost awareness and build anticipation for the launch. The campaign reached an overall viewability of 70% and CTR of 0.12%, beating the Discovery Network’s expectations by 50%.

The Challenge
Discovery Network were launching a new channel on Freeview called Quest Red. They were looking to drive both awareness and viewership of the channel and the key titles airing at launch.

Hybrid Theory was tasked with driving a smart audience targeting strategy, targeting an older female skewed audience, combined with using high impact display formats to generate strong engagement with the creative.

The Solution
Hybrid Theory used its rich set of browse, search and share data to identify the core female viewer audiences most likely to be interested in Quest Red and its launch shows. Custom audience strategies for this campaign included: those browsing female fashion content Competitor targeting, finding users engaging with content mentioning Drama, Really, Home, ITVbe & E4 show titles similar to the Quest Red launch shows talent associated with the launch shows those engaging with TV review content entertainment/ Celeb gossip content engagement.

These and other relevant audience strategies allowed Hybrid Theory to find and deliver engaged audiences in quality online environments. High impact formats were used in the run up to the launch date of the channel.

Further anticipation was built by including a live countdown to the launch of the channel on release day. This tactic was used to entice relevant audiences to find out more about the shows and channel.

The Result
Beat client expectations on engagement by 50%. Achieved an overall viewability of 70%, and CTR% 0.12%.

Beat client expectations on engagement by


achieved an overall viewability


CTR% 0.12%