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Hybrid Theory Cracks New Territories with Smart Insights

Hybrid Theory Cracks New Territories with Smart Insights

To launch UK-based global gambling brand PartyCasino into the heavily regulated Canadian market while reaching consumers with a VTR of +70% and pivoting into the entertainment and gaming space.

Having assisted PartyCasino’s launch in Spain, Hybrid Theory was tasked with building an audience in a market that prohibits gambling advertising. We cross-marketed gambling and other games through a free non-gambling game, and used a smart pixel to build a picture of the brand’s initial customer base.

We then devised a targeting strategy based on data-led audience insights – those with an interest in gambling and gaming also showed a high interest in vaping, sport, cars and fitness – and delivered video ads on the basis of browse, search and share habits.

The challenge was not only to deliver a premium-performing awareness campaign with high KPIs, but also to obtain meaningful data from the campaign delivery in order to deeply measure its impact on the audience.

Having grown the account from UK-only to encompass Spain and Canada, we have run multiple campaigns across all three markets.

Beat client’s CTR target by


With Hybrid Theory data we were able to develop an accurate analysis of the effect of the campaign on building awareness around the brand in the three countries and we will keep optimizing future campaigns starting from all data collected.

Federico Sacilotto
Evolution People IT