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Zeroing in on untapped demand for NFL worldwide

Zeroing in on untapped demand for NFL worldwide

The NFL’s Game Pass International subscription services needed a highly dynamic, performance-driven campaign to locate untapped demand, slice open new global markets and drive free subscriptions.

Hybrid Theory worked with Wavemaker and the Game Pass International team across the UK, Germany, Australia, Nordics and the Rest of Europe (ROE) on a dynamic campaign where phasing varied on a weekly basis as the season unfolded.

Hybrid Theory built high-quality audiences for the campaign across all markets. Our proprietary data was also used to ensure flexibility of budgets and creatives between markets and to remain reactive for the best commercial performance in a post-COVID world.

The campaign ran in the UK, Germany, Australia, the Nordics and throughout Europe.

Beat client’s CPA target by 35%

Beat client’s CPA target by


From what was meant to be a short four-week test, we have extended the campaign by at least another eight weeks due to the strong performance we’ve seen. Hybrid Theory has been a great partner, always quick to reply and assist with last-minute requests.

Sasha Hudson
Account Director