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Hybrid Theory reduces M&S’ campaign CPA by 26% through delivering personalized advertising

M&S wanted to promote their upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection throughout Europe to gain a larger customer base and generate greater revenue.

They partnered with Hybrid Theory to gain data-driven insights about their audience and personalized advertising to drive quality traffic on the online retail store and increase sales.

The Challenge
With fast fashion on the rise, M&S needed an innovative and effective strategy to rapidly promote their Autumn/Winter Collection. They were looking for a campaign to promote their seasonal fashion ranges, with a focus on female clothing and British fashion styles in order to find new customers, drive valued website traffic and generate greater revenue from Europe.

The Solution
Using the combination of our browse, search and share data, Hybrid Theory were able to gain insights about M&S’ existing audience and truly understand their behaviour online. The data revealed that many of M&S customers displayed signs of affluence and parenthood, through showing interests in (high) fashion, British newspapers, and leisure activities (including golf, photography and horse riding). These insights indicated an audience that are also fairly active and well educated. Additionally, through analyzing the user’s language preferences and the domains of the websites browsed, the data revealed that British expats made up a significant portion of the European market. Using these insights, Hybrid Theory were able to generate a lookalike audience who were likely to be in-market for M&S products. We then created tailored advertising to serve to M&S’ existing audience, as well as the new, which was based on our lookalike model that geo targeted the European market more specifically. We used the well known marketing tactic of social proof in delivering personalized messages to the individual lookalikes, through our tailored ad option with an overlay on top of M&S’ existing creatives to achieve greater interest and attract new customers.

The tailored ad used real time data to inform users of how many people had shopped online with M&S that day, acting as a social trigger to drive sales and engagement. Using real time data was key to ensure individuals were served with the relevant content, in the right location and at the best conversion times.

The Result
Hybrid Theory reduced the campaign’s overall CPA by 26%. We were the best performing partner on the plan and M&S were so pleased with our work that they increased their investment by 5 times the initial budget.

Personalised advertising to reduce campaign CPA by