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Hybrid Theory delivers personalised advertising to drive engagement and conversions for Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support wanted to raise awareness for their volunteering initiatives listed on their website. They approached Hybrid Theory to drive relevant prospects to this page based on a cost per arrival (CPA) target of £3.11.

Hybrid Theory used their browse, search and share data to target the relevant individuals with a personalised message in real time, encouraging them to donate their time to the cause. The campaign was a great success: Hybrid Theory delivered a CPA of £1.04, beating the target by over 67%.

The Challenge
The Marketing Society’s Brand of the Year 2014, Macmillan Cancer Support, wanted to raise awareness for their volunteering initiatives, listed on their website. Macmillan set up the ‘volunteer village’ as a marketplace for people to search and find a place to volunteer. The overall aim of the campaign wasn’t to donate money, but to donate time.

The Solution
Hybrid Theory placed tracking codes on the Macmillan website enabling them to collate data from Macmillan users’ browse, search and share behaviours online.

Using the Hybrid Theory Platform, they analysed the rich data sets they retrieved, unearthing insights into their online behaviours at a granular level. And as a result Hybrid Theory were able to target individuals who showed interests around philanthropy, charity content and health content.

Hybrid Theory discovered insights such as:

  • The Macmillan audience were found to be very health conscious, both browsing and sharing health and fitness content. In particular the audience were sharing a distinct level of cycle routes as well as commuting routes, indicative of an urban audience.
  • Users were least likely to convert on the weekends, with the most prominent conversion time being between 19:00 and 21:00 during the working week. 25% of the Macmillan audience were converting using non desktop devices, with 17% of conversions coming from individuals on tablet devices.

By using the insights gathered from the Macmillan audience, Hybrid Theory were able to target individual ‘lookalikes’ with relevant content in the right location, at the best conversion times across multiple device platforms.

They tailored the ads, delivering a personalised message to each individual based on their interests, passions and motivations which were uncovered through Hybrid Theory’s rich set of browse, search and share data. By using real-time data within the personalised message, placed on top of the ad creative, the tailored ads acted as social trigger to further drive engagement and volunteering conversions.

The Result
By matching the relevant individuals to a relevant personalised message, Hybrid Theory were able to deliver a campaign CPA of £1.04.

The client was so impressed with the campaign that they blogged about it: “How Macmillan is Making Use of Hybrid Theory’s Tailored Ads”

Hybrid Theory beat Macmillan’s CPA target by over


delivering a CPA of £1.04 against the £3.11 target