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Hybrid Theory far exceeds targets for Lexus, achieving a CTR target of 0.09% and viewability rate of 75%

In order to pinpoint an audience who were in-market for a Lexus ES car as well as generate greater awareness of the model in Russia, Hybrid Theory used their wealth of data to get a comprehensive understanding of Lexus’ audience to then target with personalised ads.

The campaign used real time data to inform the ads and increase conversions to achieve their goal of 0.09% CTR and exceed the viewability rate target of 50%, with 75%.

The Challenge
Luxury Japanese car manufacturer, Lexus, tasked Hybrid Theory with creating a refined targeted advertising campaign with two objectives: to pinpoint an audience who were in-market for a Lexus ES car, and to generate awareness of the model in Russia. The campaign targeted a very specific audience to achieve a 0.09% CTR and a viewability goal of 50%.

The Solution
Uniquely positioned as the largest aggregators of browse, search and share data, Hybrid Theory were able to uncover that the majority of Lexus’ audience were interested in topics around home and garden – surprisingly more so than automotive. The vast amounts of data allowed for a great number of insights to be gathered, such as Lexus’ audience had an active interest in cutting edge technology – most notably wearable and entertainment technology, which they displayed through sharing posts on social media. With these insights, combined with Hybrid Theory’s existing experience with automotive campaigns, we were able to target ‘lookalike’ individuals, across multiple platforms, in the correct location and at the best conversion times. Having discovered that purchasing a Lexus car had social implications for its existing audience, we used the well known marketing tactic of social proof, to then tailor the ads in real-time, making them personalised to each individual to increase consumer engagement and therefore campaign success.

Additionally, through the data insights, Hybrid Theory found that a significant proportion (29%) of the audience engaged from a tablet or mobile phone and so weighted the targeting accordingly to achieve greater results and a more efficient media spend.

The Result
Overall, Hybrid Theory met the CTR target of 0.09%, and exceeded the viewability rate target of 50% by 25% – delivering a result of 75%. Additionally, throughout the campaign we ran a split test in order to measure the impact of our personalised ads. We found that there was a 21.9% uplift in clicks and 14.5% uplift in site visits when compared to original ads served, demonstrating the positive effect of our personalised ads on performance.

Hitting the CTR target and achieving