Client Partnerships

Prospecting potential Lenovo customers delivering a 0.13% CTR and beating industry benchmarks

Multinational computer technology company Lenovo partnered with Hybrid Theory for the launch of their new product.

Using the depth of data to get a full understanding of their current consumers and find new audiences with smart targeting strategies to raise awareness of the brand and new product.

The Challenge
For the launch of new product Yoga 3, Lenovo wanted to drive users to a dedicated product page in order to raise brand awareness and educate potential customers about the new product. Hybrid Theory was tasked with find relevant consumers, and target them at the optimal time to do just that.

The Solution
Hybrid Theory targeted individuals who were looking at competitor products from brands such as Acer, Asus and Samsung. These users were revealed to show a strong interest in technology, music, sport, entertainment, design, films and fashion. People aged 18 – 34 were predicted to be most interested in the new product.

Through this prospecting approach Hybrid Theory were able to understand who was in market for laptops, and predict which users were most likely to be interested in Lenovo products, despite having never visited the Lenovo site based upon the browse, search and share behaviour online.

The targeting was done across multiple devices, at the best conversion times.

The Result
Throughout the campaign Hybrid Theory served impressions to 1,786,000 unique viewers. By predicting the right user and showing them a relevant creative at the relevant time, Hybrid Theory delivered a CTR of 0.13% against industry benchmarks of 0.11%

Beating industry benchmarks with a

0.13% CTR