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Credit card prospecting leads to conversions across the board

Credit card prospecting leads to conversions across the board

To find new customers and drive credit card applications for a financial services company in Singapore. The campaign success was measured by CPA (Cost per Acquisition), with a target of $150.

Our strategy was threefold:

  • We created a set of Custom Audiences based on keyword insights to find relevant individuals across our network;
  • Drawing on the client’s existing audiences, we built different Lookalikes for each credit card and product type;
  • Using HT’s Smart Retargeting, we categorised site visitors according to recency, number of page views and page drop-offs and re-engaged with the most valuable groups.

With Covid-19 and a stricter lockdown implemented, we were quick to react to new audience behaviour by creating a work-from-home custom audience. With an increasing number of people looking to make purchases for their newly set-up home offices, this turned out to be one of the best performing strategies for new credit card sign-ups.

Hybrid Theory delivered a $80 CPA, 53% below the campaign target and we have been rebooked for the upcoming quarters.

In addition to credit card conversions, within the same activity we drove new customers for the client’s other products, such as loans and savings accounts.