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U.S Warehouse Club Retailer

Quickly adapting to changing consumer behaviour during COVID-19 beats CPA goal by 55%

Political District

Hybrid Theory's OTT campaign exceeds VCR targets by reaching a niche audience of voters

Financial Services Company

Credit card prospecting leads to conversions across the board


Hybrid Theory Cracks New Territories with Smart Insights

Tourism Organization

Connecting with OTT audiences results in 94% Video Completion Rate (VCR)


Hybrid Theory Cuts the Crap to Deliver Results

NFL Game Pass

Zeroing in on untapped demand for NFL worldwide


Hybrid Theory’s successful uplift of Black Friday sales for GHD

Restaurant Brand

Pizza chain successfully pivots during COVID-19

Pharma Company

Hybrid Theory delivers just what the doctor ordered


Hybrid Theory finds new customers for Avios with personalised ads and achieves a 19% uplift in conversions


Hybrid Theory smashes CPA targets for Xero by 300%

Western Union

Tailored ads gain new customers and boost website registrations, resulting in 97% conversion uplift

Quest Red

New TV channel premiers by driving engagement and anticipation with key audiences


Hybrid Theory achieves a 17% increase in conversion rate for TUI through prospecting new customers and creating tailored ads to drive sales

"Hybrid Theory provides tremendous customer service and we trust them to help us navigate complex industry challenges, such as evolving privacy regulations and the eventual sunset of third-party cookies."

Edd Costa
Media Planner, Cage Point