Business + Team - Hybrid Theory

We’re a data-driven advertising business, powered by people.

Meet the team behind the tech, behind the purpose, behind the mission. We’re building something special at Hybrid Theory – find out what makes us, us.

Our Vision:

Making the Complex Simple


Our Mission:

Deliver business growth for brands and agencies as a trusted digital services partner, that powers smarter data-driven advertising through the best combinations of technology and talent.


Our Purpose

Binary thinking and behaviours are the enemy of progress and effectiveness in our industry. We shouldn’t be taking sides – we should be embracing them.

We believe in a Hybrid Theory – in the multiplier effect of partnerships that power capabilities – enabling the very best from our technology and teams, and delivering the right business outcomes for our brand and agency clients.

To The Power Of You


Meet Our Global Leadership Team

Patrick Johnson
CEO, Global

Ray Jenkin
CEO, North America

Marçal Serrate
CTO, Global

Hiran Patel
CPO, Global

Ines Martins
Head of APAC

Our Brand Culture + Values

Embrace differences

Respect and value each other. Show empathy. Encourage diversity of thought. Be open. Bring a breadth of perspective.

Stay the course

Composure under pressure. Play the long game. Be resolute. Be resilient. Commit to the cause.

Always be ready

Be lucky! Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. Work hard, be organised, and plan well to catch that lucky break.

Partner smarter

Flexibility and agility in relationships and the way we work with others. Strong collaboration across the industry.

Love what you do

Enjoy yourself. Be positive about negative things. Have fun and smile. Bring your sense of humour to work. Be passionate.

Find your balance

Value work and personal lives. Be your best at both. Room to recharge. Time to do and to think. Healthy mind, body and soul.

Team by nature

Support each other. Look up and look out. Be there. Trust in the team. Be charitable. You are stronger together.

Gofor the win

Stay focused and hungry. Go for great. Take bold decisions Show your ambition. Celebrate success and failures.

Curious creativity

Ask questions. Always learn. Adapt to change. Show intelligence. Break the rules. Invent and innovate. Dream big.

“The currency of leadership is transparency.”

Howard Schultz, former Chairman and CEO, Starbucks