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Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2020

There’s little doubt that Black Friday – and the holiday shopping season in general – are going to be very different this year.

The global pandemic has forced retailers to avoid long lines, crowded stores, and hustling shoppers. This means that the 2020 holiday shopping season is going to be especially complicated, as retailers grapple with new and unpredictable challenges that require the ability to execute media strategies at a moment’s notice.

Here are four key ways that holiday shopping will change this year and how Hybrid Theory is prepared to help brands and agencies navigate these challenges and achieve results during this critical period.

1. An Earlier Start to Holiday Sales

2. Online Shopping on Steroids

3. Outdoor Markets, PopUps, + Pick-Ups

4. More Traditional + Expensive Gifts


1. An Earlier Start to Holiday Sales

Retailers around the globe are planning to roll out their deals earlier than ever before, in the hopes of boosting Q4 sales and allowing customers to spread out their shopping over a longer period of time.1


A longer shopping period can mean a longer customer journey. It also means more opportunities for retargeting. Our 2h data refreshing frequency ensures your targeting and retargeting are always relevant, even for varying customer journeys. Our award-winning trading team follows a proven, audience-led methodology to provide our partners with the best possible performance, service, and insights across all major devices, formats, and channels.


2. Online Shopping on Steroids

Unlike any other year in history, COVID-19 has escalated e-commerce to completely new levels. Online retail sales in the U.S. grew by nearly a third from Q1 to Q2 in 2020 and 45% year-over-year.2 This holiday shopping season, it’s safe to expect in-person crowds to be replaced by online visitors.


Capitalize on the increased pool of online shoppers and their activity level. Gain unparalleled reach and depth of audience data through our proprietary data platform that builds custom audiences from nuanced, online signals from over 90% of the online global population.

3. Outdoor Markets, Pop-Ups, + Pick-Ups

Retailers will still need to safely accommodate consumers who do want to browse and buy in person. Outdoor markets, parking lot pop- ups, and curbside pick-ups are likely to spread as retailers try to replicate a safe in-store experience.3


Don’t let location-specific changes like a last-minute pop-up or a flash sale take away from holiday revenue. Instead, utilize Hybrid Theory’s sophisticated hyper-local targeting and dynamic creative formats to capture in-location shoppers and adapt to evolving marketing needs.


4. More Traditional + Expensive Gifts

While the popularity of giving experiences such as sporting events, trips, or concerts has grown in previous years, this season’s shoppers will likely lean towards more traditional, tangible gifts. In addition, they may also splurge on larger items that can keep children entertained for the long- term, like trampolines, playscapes, and ride-on toys.4


Find new consumers in-market for specific products and discover the latest gifting trends. Our data-powered audience products build unique user profiles leveraging high- quality intent signals in real-time. Layer on additional datasets such as purchase, CRM, and 1st-party data to drill down even further on niche audiences.

1 Marie Driscoll, Managing Director, Coresight Research

2 eMarketer

3 Liad Agmon, CEO, Dynamic Yield

4 Natalie Kotlyar, Head of National Retail & Consumer Products, BDO


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