A new breed of digital services partner

for brands and agencies, offering flexible solutions, hands-on support and independent managed execution.

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We harness the best combinations of technology and talent to power smarter, data-driven advertising across the full customer journey, making the complex simple.

233% Increase in CTR

Streetwear Brand

19% Uplift in conversions

Global Airline
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Bridging the gap between inhousing and outsourcing, for brands and agencies, we partner to deliver the operational expertise and automation you need, where and when you need it.

Data +

Data is our difference. Whether through data management, manipulation, insights, targeting or measurement, our business works to solve your business problems.


We power smarter, data-driven advertising, bringing a fresh and flexible approach to both strategy and activation across the whole customer journey.

In-housing or outsourcing? The correct answer may be a hybrid.

2020 was an in-housed year for many of us. But as digital transformation accelerated in a locked-down world, the in-housing vs outsourcing debate became even more complex. What’s required are hybrid solutions

An Open Letter to the Advertising Industry

Complexity and siloes have become the industry standard. Our industry is like a Rubik’s cube: each time one part is moved, it affects numerous others, creating complex new problems in almost infinite combinations. That is where we find ourselves with modern, data-driven marketing.

Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2020

There’s little doubt that Black Friday – and the holiday shopping season in general – are going to be very different this year. The global pandemic has forced retailers to avoid long lines, crowded stores, and hustling shoppers. This means that the 2020 holiday shopping season is going to be especially complicated, as retailers grapple […]

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“We have used Hybrid Theory as our partner for several years, due to their effectiveness in reaching our niche audiences, high levels of performance, and excellent client service."

Al Cadena
Global Digital Media Director, MOI Global